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Executive ESG was created in 2022 when our Founder and Managing Director, Sophie Webb recognised a crucial gap within the market – the need for ESG and Sustainability reporting and integration services. It was evident that businesses sought pragmatic, service-focused partners who could not only provide guidance but also evolve alongside them, assuming the role of trusted ESG business advisors.

From that moment in 2022, Executive ESG has evolved as a dynamic force. We've had the privilege of collaborating with public and private, small to mid-cap companies across various sectors – renewables, mining, engineering, agriculture, and health. Our journey has been about more than just assisting; it's been about co-creating strategies that amplify sustainability while driving business growth.

From inception the Executive ESG team has been growing – a diverse group of professionals with experience and knowledge from a varied range of sectors. Our diverse skills and backgrounds enables us to approach ESG from multifaceted perspectives, providing holistic solutions that resonate with each client's unique approach.

Our team

The ESG landscape is intricate, marked by evolving regulations, diverse stakeholder expectations, and industry dynamics. Our team thrives in this complexity, offering clarity and guidance. We decode ESG data, identify material topics, and devise practical plans that pave the way for meaningful progress.

Our team isn't just committed to your success; we're committed to our shared vision of a sustainable future. With each project, we contribute to shaping a world where businesses thrive responsibly, stakeholders are engaged, and societal and environmental impacts are positive.

At Executive ESG, our team is more than a group of consultants; we're partners in your journey toward sustainability and success. Connect with us to discover how our diverse team of experts can help you navigate the ESG landscape, craft strategies, and create a lasting impact. Together, we're driving the change that matters.

Sophie Webb

Founder & Managing Director

Sophie Webb, the founding director of Executive ESG, brings over 15 years of experience spanning the mining, renewables, community, and small business sectors. Throughout her career, ESG has been a crucial aspect of every role she has undertaken. Recognising the growing need for pragmatic guidance in ESG reporting, Sophie established Executive ESG to provide ongoing support to both listed and private businesses.

In addition to her role at Executive ESG, Sophie also serves as a director of ESG Metrix®, an innovative ESG reporting software tailored for businesses seeking transparency across their supply chains and holistic ESG reporting. Her extensive expertise includes ESG reporting, implementation of ESG strategies, compliance with ESG requirements, integration of ESG priorities, and building board, employee and business ESG capability through training.

David Frances


David Frances, an accomplished Australian mining executive, has left an indelible mark on the industries of mining, energy, and sustainability. With a career spanning over three decades, his commitment to driving positive change has been at the forefront of his professional journey. Known for his visionary leadership, he made significant strides in promoting sustainability and ESG principles in African mining operations. His innovative approach to incorporating ESG values led to the introduction of voluntary ESG reporting standards in several stock exchange-listed companies, setting a new precedent for responsible business practices.

David's passion for sustainability eventually steered his path in a new direction. Today, he stands at the helm of a prominent renewables company, channelling his expertise to accelerate the transition towards clean energy solutions. Building on his experience, he recognised the need for comprehensive ESG reporting tools that could empower companies across industries to navigate their ESG journeys effectively. This realisation spurred him to spearhead the development of a cutting-edge ESG software reporting solution. Through this initiative, he aims to provide organisations with the means to measure, track, and enhance their ESG performance, fostering a more transparent, sustainable and responsible business landscape.

Sabet van der Westhuizen

Senior Account Manager

Sabet van der Westhuizen is our Senior Account Manager at Executive ESG, bringing over 18 years of extensive experience in commercial account management and business development across diverse sectors in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and UK markets. As a seasoned professional, Sabet is passionate about fostering long-term client relationships built on trust, integrity, and mutual success.

Sabet has a proven track record of success at both strategic and operational levels, crafting bespoke solutions that precisely meet the needs of valued clients. Sabet provides pragmatic insights to the business community, demonstrating how ESG, sustainability, and climate-related practices can deliver long-term sustainable value to businesses and their stakeholders.

Maria Virginia Piemonte

Senior ESG Consultant

Maria Virginia Piemonte is a seasoned Sustainability and ESG professional with extensive experience in sustainability consulting, non-financial reporting and ESG data management. She is passionate about driving positive change by helping organisations integrate sustainability into their strategies and operations.

With a strong international background across multiple sectors, Maria Virginia leverages her expertise to assist clients in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and achieving their sustainability goals. Her in-depth knowledge and tailored approach enable businesses to adopt sustainable practices that not only comply with standards and regulations but also enhance their overall performance.

Maria Virginia holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and a Master's degree in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. She is professionally certified in GRI Standards and continuously stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in sustainability strategy and compliance.

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